The Racist Norsefire Government In V For Vendetta

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The fascist Norsefire government in V for Vendetta maintained complete control over its denizens by preventing them from speaking out or expressing any form of opinion. This dystopian society was ruled by a government who strived to uphold complete authoritarian control through its usage of various oppressive tools such as monitoring the conversations and actions of its people. A terrorist figure named V appeared to rise as a symbol of hope to eradicate this oppression by physically destroying the government and killing its corrupt members, but his actions were only fueled by vengeance for the cruel experimental treatment that was conducted on him at the Larkhill government resettlement camp. While it may seem that V was a hero because a byproduct…show more content…
Not only does V kill nearly all of the government workers on his way to the broadcasting room, he also threatens his own people and indirectly forces them to help in his plan for vengeance (Moore and Lloyd 109-118). In his second broadcast to the people of England, V uses a blatant abuse of power by broadcasting to all the people through speakers the message that there was no more government law to inspire revolts (Moore and Lloyd 186). By tearing down every last form of government supervision, V takes full advantage of the state of the oppressed people and tricks the citizens to rebel against the remains of the government because he cannot single handedly destroy every last representation of government. V was able to manipulate the citizens of England to work for him by conveying the idea that he was helping them free themselves from oppression but this action expressed pure villainy since he used the people to execute his own personal…show more content…
During his crusade of the British government, V understood that he would be deemed a terrorist and tracked down and killed. After killing Rosemary Almond, he planted a notebook, detailing the events of Larkhill, for Detector Finch to find which ultimately reveals that his intention was to die (Moore and Lloyd 78-79). V waited to leave this clue that would reveal who he was until his plan was mostly fulfilled so that he could embrace his death once he had finished his mission. Only after having killed basically every form of government figure and symbol and setting up the people to revolt against what little government rule there was left, could V accept his death knowing that, to him, justice had been served. This mindset, implies that V had no intention of seeing the byproduct of his plan in which the people were now freed from oppression and that he could only be satisfied with death once his plot for revenge against the government who abused him was

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