V For Vendetta Identity Essay

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V for Vendetta is a 2006 film set in future Britain under a totalitarian government. The country is ruled by a fascist political party called Norsefire. The main character ‘V’ is a man who escaped captivity by the government as an experimental study. He seeks revenge for those who were wronged and vows to kill all those responsible. He spends the rest of his life as a rebel leader and goes on a violent terrorist crusade against the dictatorship. The character V has a multi-layered identity that is clearly established from the beginning of the movie. He is a masked figure unknown to the viewers for the entire film. The opening sequence of the movie depicts Guy Fawkes, a 16th century radical who was willing to go to extreme lengths for his beliefs.…show more content…
He plays the part of the instrument through which these ideas are put into action. His ideals aid him in extracting his vengeance, pursuing his vendettas, preaching his values, until his vision is vindicated. These events lead Evey to follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy. As V said himself, he, his mask, is only an idea. Ideas can be spread, but it takes people to put them into effect. His responsibility was to rebel against the system as a villain in order to stir the one inch in the people of Britain however, this duty came at great cost. He no longer had purpose once his message was made clear. This is when he dies and Evey steps in, picking up where V left off and continues the cycle. Just as V adopted the façade of Fawkes Evey adopted the façade of V. With each step in the cycle much is learned and more progress is made. This allows Evey to become something more than V could ever be. She embodies his representation, but with her own ideals. After sending V’s train to collide with the (BUILDINGGG) she tells the audience "I will not lead them, but I'll help them build. Help them create where I'll not help them kill. The age of killers is no…show more content…
The story, like V, is not real, and this knowledge makes the horrific events in the film easier to accept. However, in the real world V’s actions mirror the terrorism of today. In America especially, terrorism is considered one of the worst acts a person can commit. How is it that we can find ourselves on the side of a terrorist? I believe that it is because the audience can identify with V. His end goal is a democratic government which is one of our ideals as a nation. Individuals posses the freedom of choice and have a say in the way their country is governed. We all enjoy this freedom and continue to fight to defend it; Therefore, V is a sympathetic character as he is fighting for a cause we too believe in. V is likeable, he has charisma and a flair for dramatics despite the terrible experience he has been through. This shows that he did not pity his disfigured appearance, but used his emotions to spark a revolution. These qualities allow the audience to empathize with V and set aside his horrible actions and only see the end goal. Evey aims to change this style of revolution. She as the next V will be a teacher, a builder. The question of V's identity is an enticing one, but it is irrelevant. Evey understands this. She says, "If I take off that mask, something will go away forever, be diminished, because whoever you are isn't as big as the idea of you". She is telling this not

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