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Book title: V for Vendetta Authors: Alan Moore & David Llyod Rating: 4.5/5 What would have happened if Britain became the sole superpower after World War II? What would be the outcome of a nuclear war? What would happen if Britain was a fascist country? These questions form the basis of Alan Moore's and David Llyod's graphic novel 'V for Vendetta' . The novel showcases a bleak dystopian Britain in the year 1997. The cities are lifeless. Culture is virtually absent from London. It was all forgotten after the nuclear war. London is the seat of the fascist dictator. Oppressive laws rule the country and severe restrictions are placed on the people. Radio is controlled by the government, and the sole channel is called 'The Voice of Fate' . The novel begins with a mysterious figure who rescues a 16 year old girl who was caught outside her hostel during…show more content…
He believes that due to fascism and people's predilection towards order, they had to sacrifice what made life unique. It is clear that V uses theatricality and symbolism, to upset the order established by the fascists. His secret base, which he built by himself, houses a large number of literary works, music, paintings and clothing. He has done his best to save the culture of a bygone era. And he wishes to re-introduce them into this world. V believes in anarchy. He believes that through destroying a system completely and introducing chaos, it would give people the option to change and build their own world. However, V's methods are questionable as does not shy away from killing and uses extremely terrifying methods of torture. However, the novel hosts a wide array of colourful supporting characters that paint a more detailed picture of this fictional world. From the alleys of London to the fascist leader of Britain, the author shows a dark world whose government is slowly collapsing due to the cleverly designed plans by

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