Comparing Animal Farm And Mcteigue's V For Vendetta

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Dictatorship/tyranny is a predominant theme in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta. The pigs in Animal Farm are positioned on raised platforms suggesting social stratification. Napoleon, the leader of the pigs assumes the role of dictator once he removes Snowball from the farm through duplicitous means. “Frequently he did not even appear…but issued orders through one of the other pigs…” through the use of a time period ‘frequently’ Napoleon’s authority is prevalent as he does not need to appear in front of any other animals but rather dictates his instructions through the other pigs. Joseph Stalin, displayed as Napoleon, was a quiet person who consolidated his power behind the scenes. Stalin became dictator of the…show more content…
In Animal Farm, the constant repetition of “Four legs good, two legs bad”, consent the pigs to reiterate the fact that the humans are the true enemies and the pigs are the saviours in case Mr Jones ever comes back. This is used as a concealment for the pigs to continue their treacherous work. This propaganda does not compel the other animals to think independently. Stalin was portrayed independently in pictures, indicating that he was the only leader responsible for the success and well-being of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin’s name was included in the new national anthem of the USSR that was first broadcasted on the Soviet radio on January 1st 1944. Furthermore, in V for Vendetta, Sutler encourages incessant news reporting of the world (outside England) which is falling apart. He wants his society to believe that England, because of its controlled and regimented nature, is singularly progressive. The false reporting is intended to placate and delude the masses. Sutler’s actions reflect Iraq/Afghanistan claim’s that the major news corporations swallowed the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ story without critiquing the intelligence. Add linking

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