Dwight D. Eisenhower's Victory Of D-Day

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Throughout his life time Dwight D. Eisenhower contributed significantly to the United States and helped transform it into the country that we know it to be today. Eisenhower was always seen as a natural leader by many and held various high ranking powerful positions that showed how strong of a leader he was, his leadership abilities, and displayed how strong of a man he was to be able to handle such leadership roles. Working hard Eisenhower was able to become the thirty- fourth President of the United States between nineteen fifty- three and nineteen- sixty one, as well as building his way up the military ladder and holding the high title as of Supreme Allied Commander in the military. Eisenhower’s determination and motivation is what allowed…show more content…
With the German Force gradually getting stronger and Hitler’s Nazi troops controlling every major country in Europe (including France a United States ally) the United States had no choice but to get involved to help deliberate its fallen friend. Eisenhower who was appointed the commander of Operation Overload had to act quickly. One of the many things that Eisenhower and his allies did was carrying out a deceitful operation plan to mislead the Germans on what initial plan they had in mind. Eisenhower and his allies were able to get the Germans to think that a major invasion was to target Pas- de-Calais and other various locations instead of an invasion of Normandy by placing fake equipment and a phantom army in place across from Pas-de-Calais. Having over five thousand ships and landing crafts prepared and over eleven thousand aircrafts carrying troops and supplies Eisenhower and allies were ready for battle that was to take place on June sixth, nineteen forty-four at the break of dawn. With minor issues and oppositions that troops faced but by the end of the day approximately one hundred and fifty six thousand allied troops were able to successfully make their way into Normandy beach from their amphibious invasion and later that week the beaches were able to be secured with many more troops, vehicles and equipment ready for battle. This major advancement was the leading force that ultimately caused Hitler’s and his German force to weakening and their surrender. If it were not for Eisenhower and his excellent planning and timing the war may have been going on longer than anticipated. Many more lives would have been lost and The German force would have gradually frown sweeping majority of countries into its web. But thanks to Eisenhower the war was able to end quickly, the allies were able to stop Germany and the

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