Eli Whitney: The Invention Of The Cotton Industry

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Do you have a relative who is a farmer or somebody who works in the cotton industry? If so, do you know that cotton he or she just picked, or turned into clothing? Many years ago slaves had to pick and clean cotton by had. That was until a wonderful invention called the cotton gin was invented in 1793 by a man named Eli Whitney. As years pasted, the cotton gin changed over time. This invention changed the world in a positive way because had not been invented people would still be picking and cleaning cotton by hand. Who was Eli Whitney? Whitney was born on December8,1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts. He grew up on a farm, yet had an affinity for machine and technology. In May of 1789 Whitney entered Yale University and studied machinery. His first invention was a machine that produced nails. Then he produced the cotton gin, which helped the economy greatly. As years went by the cotton gin increased in efficiency. On January 8, 1825, Whitney died at the age of 59. After Whitney's death, the cotton gin was improved throughout the years. Now a days, farmers just have to use the machine to pick the cotton, allow it to pick the seeds out, and put the cotton in bales. Back in the old days, one of the slaves many jobs were to pick and clean cotton. It took slaves weeks to pick one field of…show more content…
Without the cotton gin, we would still have slaves' hand picking and cleaning cotton and other chores around the house. Furthermore we would not have as many clothes, cotton swabs, blankets, and other cotton made products because it would take longer to harvest the cotton. A positive effect of the cotton gin is more cotton, which means more clothes. Just like every other invention, the cotton gin had its ups and

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