Dengue Fever In The Philippines

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The world dengue is Spanish for “affection”, “careful” or “fastidious”. The term is referring to the cautious, stiff movements of patients suffering from the muscle, bone and joint pain caused by dengue fever. Some researchers also said that dengue name were came from a Swahili phrase ka dinga pepo, or a diseases caused by an evil spirit. Dengue is an infectious disease caused by the virus belongs to the family Flaviviradae genus Flavivirus which having four different serotypes such as DEN V-1, DEN V-2, DEN V-3 and DENV-4. The dengue virus is transmitted to the humans by the female mosquitoes mainly known as Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus vector [2]. It occurs commonly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, predominantly in urban-suburban…show more content…
As large numbers of soldiers were stationed throughout the World War II, the dengue also had spread to some new regions. The first epidemic of severe dengue was reported in Manila, Philippines in 1953 and then later it has been spread in Southeast Asia. During the year of 1960s and 1970s the Central America and South America had organized efforts to eliminate dengue in that areas, thus it leads to fewer occurrences of dengue fever but the dengue infection is returned to these regions once the efforts are ended. In current centuries, the dengue fever became one of the serious infections which are increasing drastically. In 2012, dengue was once again classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most the important mosquito-borne viral disease in the world due to significant geographic spread of the virus and its vector into previously unaffected areas. Disability adjusted life year (DALY) estimates differ, but a 2009 estimate of DALYs lost due to dengue globally was 700,000 per year. In many countries it becomes more dangerous disease among the children [4]. Not only children are affected, all the people are exposed to this dengue fever worldwide. Now, the dengue fever is widely spread all over the countries and according to WHO, there is more than 125 dengue endemic countries globally. There is a lot of management steps have been taken by all the countries to overcome this disease but still it keep increasing and alarming

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