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Name- Aashish Upadhyay Integrated science II Mr. Montbriand Lab Report: Separating Mixture Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to separate mixture of sand, Iron filings, and salt. Also, to ascertain mass of each object after separating them. Background information:- Materials get separated according to the differences they have in their physical properties. In separating mixtures you should avoid any chemical change so, you will not lost any of your product and the experiment will be accurate. Iron is solid which gets attracted by magnets and it is insoluble in water. Salt is also a solid but it doesn't gets attracted by a magnet so, it is a non-magnetic solid which is the only thing in my experiment which is soluble in water.…show more content…
Measure the mass of salt with beaker on Weighing machine and subtract mass of beaker to get mass of salt. Finally: Compare the mass of mixture and the total mass of the components to check the result. Variables in the data: Independent Variable- Dependent Variable- Constant Variable- Observations: When separating iron filings from salt and sand, the sand and salt sometimes get stuck between iron fillings. The sand didn’t get dissolved in the water but, the salt did got dissolved. The water with salt went through the filter paper in the beaker whereas, the sand remained and didn’t went through the paper. The water get evaporated and changed into gas and the salt automatically get separated. The salt also get stick on the upper part of beaker. Analysis and Data: Extra: Small Beaker(50 mL max)- 29.30 ± 0.01g Filter paper- 1.25 ± 0.01g Mixture mass: Test Tube- 18.30 ± 0.01g Test Tube with mixture- 22.7 ± 0.01g Test Tube with mixture - Test tube = Mixture mass 22.7g - 18.30g = 4.4g Mass of Iron Fillings (separated): Small Beaker- 29.30 ± 0.01g Small Beaker with Iron fillings- 31.88 ± 0.01g Small Beaker with Iron fillings - Small Beaker = Iron…show more content…
Also, to ascertain mass of each object after separating them. My hypothesis is supported because I used the physical property of the components to separate them. Iron is a magnetic solid so I used magnet to separate it. Sand is insoluble and salt is soluble so, I put water in it and salt get dissolved and after that I filtrate it so I got sand separated from salt. At last, salt was mixed in water and get separated from sand with it. So, I evaporated the salt water. The water get changed into gas and salt remained in the beaker. At, all by this experiment I got the answer of my question “How can we separate things by using their physical property?”. Also, I learned that salt and sand can be separated by method of

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