Understanding Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health “One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide”- World Health Organization (WHO). To understand the concept of mental illness, we need to know what mental health means. Mental wellbeing plays an essential role at every stage of our life, from childhood to puberty through adulthood. It is the state of emotional, psychological and social well-being, whereas, mental illness can be defined as the health conditions caused by biological, psychological and environmental factors that affect our way of thinking,…show more content…
Different organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), Mental Health America, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and many other organizations have been spreading awareness among the society since the awareness month started. Mental health is something we should not be ashamed to talk about. It is what affects our thinkings and the way we cope with our feelings. However, not having any mental illnesses does not automatically mean that we have a good mental health. By raising consciousness about the importance of mental well-being, we can potentially save many lives of the people who are going through these problems. This might also help those who are unaware of the difference between mental illnesses and how not all of them are the same. For instance, some people consider socially awkward people as the ones who have social anxiety disorder. First of all, social anxiety disorder is intense anxiety or fear of being judged and evaluated by others. It causes irrational anxiety, self-consciousness and embarrassment (ADAA), however, social awkwardness is more like a personal trait or fear that is created inside you due to the social constructs in the society. If we really think about our society, basically everything is a social construct such as race, gender, class, beauty, etc. In my opinion, individuals are considered socially awkward because they…show more content…
A person is supposed to play the role of someone who the society expects them to be. Another reason for the lack of awareness is that the mental health care might not be affordable because it is too expensive for the most people. There are psychiatrists and therapists who have good enough knowledge than most people but the price we have to pay in order to see them is highly inaccessible. Academic and parental pressures are also the reason why rate of mental sickness is increasing among Asian countries. Asian people are stereotyped as “smart” people which increases the society's expectations towards them to be successful and exceptional. This can affect their mental health and rate of mental sickness of the country. The suicidal rates have been increasing in these recent years and people are still blaming parents for spoiling their children and not taking good care of them. The problems those people go through is not something we can fix by disciplining them or disregarding them for who they are want to be, not who they are expected to be. So, mental health care is a topic that needs to be spread across the society in order to prevent the life of people who are going through lots of issues that is not easy to solve without getting

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