Verizon Strike Case Study

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Title: 36,000 Verizon workers go on strike Introduction to the article According to this article 36,000 workers of verizon walked off on a strike due to after not getting a new labour deal that would benefit all the workers.This was the largest strike in the united states which involves 45,000 workers.The reason for the strike is verizon has outsourced 5,000 jobs to workers in Mexico, the philippines and the dominican republic,as verizon is losing profit it is labour cost.The company started to hiring low wage and non union workers to fit the post of the workers that are on strike.One of the workers said that the company’s greedy ways are damaging the relationship between the workers and customers.Verizon’s…show more content…
The reason of choosing this topic is that strike affects our society,us,workers and organization. Reference Page Rertived from: Author: David GoldMan and Aaron Smith Year: 2011 Title of document: 36,000 Verizon workers go on strike Title: Teen’s story of depression goes

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