The Importance Of Diversity In The Field Of Social Work

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The population that I am interested in working with is transgender and gender diverse adolescents, youth and their families. I would like to work in either a medical or an educational setting. I decided that I wanted to focus my interest on working with this population when I discovered that there was a great need for skilled practitioners in this area of the field of Social Work (Watts, 2015). In addition to practice work, I would like to assist with advocacy efforts for all Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQQ) individuals. In this paper I will present ideas regarding diversity issues and considerations to be addressed when working with transgender and gender diverse individuals. I will discuss concepts and skills that I have determined could be used to provide culturally competent service provision to the population. In addition, I will introduce the identification and application of two conceptual frameworks: the first will be the Dual Perspective Framework and the second will be Social Constructivism.…show more content…
Since “GLBT youth live multicultural lives,” (Morrow and Messinger, 2006, p. 182) it is imperative to remember that each transgender person is a diverse individual that brings multiple layers of cultural and social experiences with them. I will address some of the larger issues around diversity and the relevance to practice work. One important issue is stigma which for this population can also be described as transpredjudice (Tompkins, 2015, p. 34). Tompkins (2015) describes transpredjudice as the unique stigma, discrimination, and oppression tied to gender identity (p.

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