Health Persuasive Speech

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Mental health is one of the most important aspect of a person. It pertains their psychological well-being which has an immense impact on the productivity of all aspects of life for people. For example, this can range from their work performance, social life, overall physical health, and many more components of life. According to, around 20%, one fifth, of adolescent suffer from a mental illness, which can halter very important aspects of life. Adolescents face an immense amount of stress which can cripple their mental health and cause many unfortunate effects. 36% of adolescents the age of 13 to 18 have received some sort of mental health service, but this does not directly mean this was professional mental health assistance. Professional mental health services are needed for these students suffering from mental illness. I am a strong supporter of mental health screenings in school and I am writing this to explain why this is necessary for our students in Tennessee. Therefore, I am writing to explain to you why we should have mandatory mental health screenings in all high schools in Tennessee. Mental health screenings would bring awareness of certain disorders to…show more content…
The absence of mental health screening will lead to those in need of help, possibly never receiving any help that the desperately need. In 2017, three teenagers killed themselves at Farragut High school, in Knoxville Tennessee within one semester. A mental health screening for them could have prevented the loss of their lives. Mental health screenings are very important because of what they can accomplish. They allow professionals to assess someone’s mental wellbeing and refer them for the proper help the need. This would cause many to find better ways to figure out how to deal with their symptoms and their battle with mental illness so that they can live a healthier, happier, and more productive
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