Understanding Mental Depression: The Importance Of Mental Health

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Mental health has a more prominent presence in our current society than before. Acknowledging that mental health is not a disease or something that should ostracize another person is fruitful to the acceptance of mental health in our society. The importance of mental health and treating it is as important as treating physical ailments. Society’s opinion on how people mental health should treat contributes to various stigma about mental health. Treating mental health is not as easy as it seems. People tend to believe that mental health issues are like a physical ailment, and do not need as much work. Mental health issues start in the brain, which is the core of all human functions, and without the stability of the core, you’re unable to…show more content…
My experiences with depression have also led me to have more insight on mental health, and promote why it’s so important to recognize mental health as a part of a person that may need improvement, compared to viewing the person as being different. As a depressed person, I can relate to how mental illness may affect another person. Depression is a mental illness that can cause a person’s mental health to deteriorate. Depressed persons become less willing to do the things that they once enjoyed, and can often find themselves slipping away from reality. I have experienced these symptoms of depression myself and took the steps to increase my mental health by going to scheduled therapy and psychiatry appointments. I’ve also alerted others to the importance of mental health by explaining my situation to friends and family who may not have an in-depth understanding of mental health issues. Also having a circle of friends in which most of them suffer from mental health issues has reassured me in going to treatment to increase my mental health. Dealing with sub-par mental health, but making the means to increase it and also having friends experiencing mental health issues inspired me to become a licensed…show more content…
As a licensed psychiatrist, I would push myself to own my own practice and make it so that those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds are able to get the help that they need without believing that they need to spend egregious amounts of money. My culture’s views on mental illness also motivated me to change the way mental illnesses are being seen in African-American culture. Mental illness in African-American culture is being viewed as something that African-Americans can not experience it, due to mental illness only prevalent in Caucasian people. This can lead to African-American people not receiving the help that they need due to shame. I plan to break this stigma by attempting to work with African-American people from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, seeing as they are more likely to suffer from mental health

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