Mental Health History

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Awareness of mental health issues is a growing issue facing the youth of today. Unfortunately, due to antiquated views of mental illness that still seem to dominate modern approaches to treatment, and a false equivalence with physical health, many in society continue to harbor out-dated views on the subject. Recently, many young artists have begun to bring attention to the issue through music. Popular artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Twenty One Pilots bring a variety of songs with the theme of mental illness to the radio, resulting in a broader knowledge of the topic. The ideology that mental illnesses are the same as physical illnesses helps to broaden the ideology that mental illnesses are not as important. However,…show more content…
With little understanding of the topic, many people who suffered these illnesses were never taken care of properly. Not even mental clinics or asylums knew how to properly take care of their patients. Asylums were a popular choice for mentally ill patients; however, the conditions were usually dreadful. Many patients were subject to neglect and abuse. Asylum staff was cause for majority of injuries throughout patients. These clinics were more like prisons than hospitals (BBC Mental: A History). Even many ‘treatments’ were more torturous than therapeutic. A few of the more humane remedies include isolation, exercise, and busy work. One treatment even included tying patients to beds with wet and icy sheets and leaving them by an open window. A popular choice of remedy was giving patients coma-inducing amounts of insulin, meant to rewire the brain. Another popular option was the ECT, which is a procedure used to generate seizures in hopes of curing illnesses such as schizophrenia (Vann). The worst and most frightening form of treatment was the Lobotomy, an operation where the doctors cut holes through the skull and into the brain, then injected ethanol into the opening to destroy the frontal lobe where the illnesses were believed to have stemmed from…show more content…
Blurryface is not only an album, but a hypothetical being of all of the negative aspects of Tyler’s mind. He represents all of his doubts, fears, anxieties, and insecurities (Pan). Blurryface is represented in the album through many ways, including album art and live performances. The album cover is made of many different layers of paper, representing all of the different layers to Blurryface. The color scheme is black, white, and red. The black and white represent the honesty in the album. The red represents the emotion in the album and Blurryface (Rike). Blurryface is represented in music videos through the black paint on Tyler’s hands and neck to symbolize his feelings of suffocation and how he feels like his insecurities and anxieties are ruining his ability to create things. Blurryface is also represented in the jerky, spasm-like movements Tyler makes to show his distraction due to Blurryface. A lot of these same qualities are used live, along with the use of a ski mask used to show his fear and anxieties about performing and sharing his creations with the world

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