Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Controversy whether the death penalty should or should not be a loud is a big deal and argument in today’s society. The death penalty being inhumane, too much money, and family perspectives are a few of the major topics being discussed. What is your opinion about the death penalty? Inhumanity is one of the biggest talked about reason for why people want to do away with the death penalty. According to, being given the death sentence enhances mental illnesses along with mental disabilities. They say that it is inhumane to cause these problems while on death row. Michael L. Radelet (2014) a professor from the University of Colorado explains, “In April of 1983 John Evans was sentenced to death by electrocution. There were a series of three jolts. After the first jolt smoke and sparks came out of Evans temple, which did not kill him. They reattached the electrode to Evans leg for another jolt which resulted in more smoke and burning of his flesh. The doctors once again found a heartbeat. They jolted Evans one last time which killed him.” Is this inhumane? Why not just sentence him to life in prison where he can live and suffer the consequences?…show more content…
According to just the death penalty case alone cost an average of 1,000,000. In 1989 Ted Bundy was convicted of 28 murders in four states. Over his nine years on death row and after he was put to death by the electric chair, he cost tax payers more than $5 million. It cost an average of ninety-thousand dollars per year to house an inmate in prison. That’s about $7.2 million for a life time prison sentence. Why not spend a little money that is being spent on other useless things anyways, and sentence them to life in prison, so they can suffer the consequences, instead of killing them where they don’t learn
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