Mercy Killing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Mercy Killing has been around since the 1930’s and it is the killing of someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any future suffering, according to the website (Merriam Webster). Many people have been put in jail for hundreds maybe even thousands of years due to mercy killing. “The mandatory life sentence for mercy killing is unknown in other countries and distorts the law” said in the website (The Telegraph). The law says mercy killing is illegal and a crime but in my opinion this should be completely legal. Committing mercy killing for someone that will suffer later is a favor. For example, in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George did a favor for Lennie because if Lennie were to get caught they would have suffer him to death. This was because Lennie had…show more content…
They end up at a ranch near the Salinas River in California. They work at the ranch to achieve their dream of owning their own little place with pigs, chickens and many other animals. At the ranch the two men meet many people at the ranch and for a while everything was just fine. Until one day Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife, the owner’s son’s wife. Lennie ran away from the ranch, he went behind the brushes near the river just like George had told him to do in case he got in any trouble. At the end of the story, George ends up killing Lennie by surprising him from behind with a luger pistol (Steinbeck106). George thought it was the best thing to do because if the others guys at the ranch were to catch Lennie, they will suffer Lennie to death. George thought it was just better to let Lennie die in peace rather than die in suffering pain. George and Lennie are the protagonist of the novel that were from Weed. George is a small, skinny, smart man while Lennie in the other hand is big and is mentally handicap. Lennie always gets in trouble and George is always the one who gets him out of

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