Two Child Policy In The Philippines

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Bennett-Jones (2000) stated that, “We have focused on information and education so people can persuade themselves that having a smaller family will bring benefits to them.” Throughout the years, the Philippines have a really big crisis dealing with the overpopulation of the country. The government assumed that implementing a two-child policy law will unlock the key towards the problem the country is facing. Each of the family in the Philippines has more than two children; limiting a family is a difficult thing to do. There are lots of ways on controlling the issue that the country is encountering. Contraceptives and family planning are various ways that the government should propose and use to the citizens. An ideal family size is a particular size of group of people. This is one way in controlling or limiting one’s family. Having a bigger family size should not really be a huge problem in the Philippines if the government knows how they should handle the economy. Then two-child policy is not a reason why Philippines’ issue about the population is crucial. Poverty comes from the government and not from the citizens. Two-child policy law is not in need to be pursued because the government cannot hold and control life. If the citizens are responsible…show more content…
To prevent implementing this law, the government should take an action like actively prescribe the family planning to the entire families of the country. In doing so, the government not only settle the crisis but also revive the parents to become responsible and a sophisticated citizens. The government could control the population but not too much like the two-child policy. Philippines could be a high class economy if the citizens could be responsible enough to know how to limit one’s family and how one’s family income benefits the family

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