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I. Effects Positive effects Gap between rich and poor helped to arouse social dynamics in humans in many social groups, stimulate them seek out and exploit chances which took the opportunity to develop, stimulate the creation of human beings, in order to create a competitive environment drastically, thereby screening filtration and selection of outstanding members, motivate the development of each occupations, each field or each locality. Moreover, the groups and social groups which are rich thanks to do business lawfully have guidelines for how to do business; they also increased welfare opportunity for people (health, education ....) through high income taxes. Negative effects • Deterioration in National Competitiveness The percentage of…show more content…
In Mexico, when this program was first popularized nationwide and achieve similar success in the eradication of poverty Brazil, we've set for it the name “Opportunidades” (Opportunities) The common feature of this program is the cash transfer to the poor with particular condition. The poor households will be received money if they can achieve several criteria. For example, they must ensure their children to school and regular health checks, mothers must participate in discussions on topics such as nutrition and disease prevention. Bolsa Familia, with the same demanding criteria but is much larger program. President Lula da Silva consolidated many different programs and expands them. About 50 million households in Brazil, accounting for 1/4 of the population, have been involved in this program. Accordingly, poor families are entitled to the monthly allowance of about $ 12 for each child younger than 15 years old are in school, maximum of three children. People may receive additional 19 USD / month per child from 16-17 years old are in school, maximum two children. In addition, families who are living in extreme poverty threshold receive some amount of USD 40 without other…show more content…
One is giving money to the poor who should work well and ensure money is not stolen or misused. Brazil and Mexico have been very successful in showing the poor participate. In these two countries, poverty has been reduced, especially extreme poverty, and is beginning to narrow the gap between the rich - poor. Another purpose of the program is to ensure that children get the education and health care. This is a longer-term purpose and hardly measurable. However, we can see the program for the poor in Mexico conditional lending and Brazil to help people get better, and ensure that children are in

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