Ethical Ethics Of Colgate

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As stated on the annual CSR report of Colgate for 2014” for over 200 years, the company has been committed to people and the billions of consumers of its products all around the globe who are the heart of the company for the betterment and succession. People help the company’s business to be thrived. Colgate is extremely committed to its employee’s as well. It operates several operations to make sure of its employees health to be fine in order to engage and focus on delivering products and services that meet or exceed expectations. The company hires highly skilled and motivated employees. Colgate has created career opportunities for 30,400 employees throughout the globe. The company provides necessary training and helps them to gain the required…show more content…
It has been supporting labor rights and is committed on human rights. Colgate partners with such companies who have the same standard of promoting and creating equal opportunities for employees at all level, who believe in safe and healthy work place protecting human rights and environment. Diversity is highly supported and almost 39% of work forces of Colgate are women. The company has strong ethical and a code of conduct which represents culture of the company. There is no any support neither is there contribution for any sort of political parties there is no support for corruption of individuals, government officials wherever the business is carried.(colgate,2014) Colgate was recently listed in worlds most ethical companies 2014 by Ethisphere…show more content…
Bright smiles bright future (BSBF) which is one of the most successful project, that has been encouraging and helping on children’s oral health initiatives. The company has reached more than 750 million children, across 80 countries since 1991. Colgate has been continuously distributing oral care products such as toothbrush, DVDs , throughout the globe and is helping people to access the proper dental care by providing dental screening and checkups by professional dentists. Recently Colgate launched new education program around schools in Vietnam which promotes dental hygiene issues. Colgate also partnered with Brazils government health ministry to train 10,000 community health agents. Colgate is a founding and principal sponsor of the Global Child Dental Fund, which is carrying out the vision of the World Health Organization (WHO) to eliminate cavities in children by 2026. Colgate partners with ministries of health and dental associations around the world to expand the reach of BSBF and oral care

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