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This study were conducted to identify the relationship between workplace phobia and Generation Y and to identify the dominant characteristic of generation Y. This chapter provide literature review on the types of workplace phobia occur among the employees in an organization towards generational differences in the organization which highlight mainly to Generation Y. Workplace Workplace is one of the places that most social happens every day. Workplace consists of environment which the employee performs his work (Chapins, 1995) while an effective workplace consists with environment where results can be achieved as expected by management (Mike, 2010). Thus, the workplace offers the type of social setting (Lloyd, 2011) which requires workers to obtain the information through communicating which including socializing with each other. Nevertheless, the perceived of socializing may be vary from perspective of generational differences in the workplace. Workplace is where employees performing their works.…show more content…
According to McCabe and Antony (2002), phobia can be regarded as a social anxiety disorder which brings the same meaning as exposure to public or performance situations. The situations include speaking, eating in public, writing and so on in which awkwardness or humiliation may arise that lead to the avoidance of the feared situations (McCabe & Anthony, 2002). In addition, phobia is a feeling of strong unreasonable fear of something which may be part of mental illness. Quoted from the book titled ‘Understanding Brain Diseases and Disorders: Phobias’ by Chong and Hovanec, phobias are categorized one of a group of mental illness which called anxiety disorders. Additionally, phobias can be classified in internal phobias and external

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