Canadian Trucking Industry

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Introduction The art or business of carrying goods or heavy loads by truck (heavy motor vehicles) is commonly known as trucking. In most of the industrialized nations, trucks are the primary mean of transportation for commercial purposes and circulation of the goods. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the trucking industry includes person and the firms occupied in the business of owning and operating motor trucks to transport goods. (Trucking Industry. (n.d.)). This industry is mainly composed of three things: contracts, private, and common carriage. After the Canadian War, highway system was expanded and improved which helps trucking industry to become a vital part of Canada’s Transportation network. The Canadian trucking operates in…show more content…
Frank Hartin, a driver with SLH Transport in Kingston, Ont., says that he had seen a lot of bad driving habits including dangerous tailgating. (Ledlow, A. (Ed.). (2007, December 1). What is the number one issue facing the Canadian trucking industry? - Truck News). Also, large number of driers is required to move the goods for the adequate supply. Today, there are over 300,000 truck drivers in Canada which means about 1 percent of the Canadian population. (Gill, V., & Macdonald, A. (Eds.). (n.d.). Understanding the Truck Driver Supply…show more content…
There are also scales places along the highways for the truckers to let their load weighted. Sometimes when a motor has low weight from what that is maximum, some drivers include another load to it after getting their low weight carrier certificate. By carrying extra load or weight not only they do risk their driving but also others drivers on the road because it becomes difficult to handle the weight more than that is appropriate. There are also over size load permits available, which safely allow to carry overload but when drivers don’t get this which increase the danger on the road. Also, heavy motor vehicles damage the roads which sometime can lead to accidents and also increases the expenses to repair them. c) Mishandling of company’s truck by rental drivers: Many of the truck drivers in the industry are not the owner of the truck. They only drive companies’ trucks. Many of such drivers do not care about the motor vehicle because they think that they are not their own trucks. They don’t care about checking about the various parts of the vehicles such as wheels, brakes, etc. By such ignorance they increase the risk of collision on the roads. This risk multiplies many times when they are driving on roads that are slippery due to rain or snow, or driving on the highways with high

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