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purpose of this report is to recommend about removing the data capping implemented by internet service providers in the Philippines to promote better broadband, give customers freedom to enjoy the network, deliver a connection that is consistent with the advertised speed and reliability for the whole length of time of the subscription period and recognize that internet subscribers have varying needs of data usage. A bandwidth throttling, also known as a band cap or a data cap is a method by which Internet service providers (ISPs), broadband providers, and telecommunications groups manage or control their data. It is the calculated slowing of Internet service by an Internet service provider and restricting the amount of bandwidth a user can use in a month. The networks downgrade the connection from LTE, HSPA+ or 3G to 2G when a user exceeded his/her data limit. Data throttling are meant to be enforced to protect abuses, such as the illicit sharing of copyrighted material or media and text message spamming using the internet but the policy can punish both the innocent and the abusive subscriber. Most of the internet users in the country live with slow and unreliable internet connections. In fact, the Philippines has one of the most pricey internet rates yet one of the slowest and implementing data…show more content…
Internet has opened up limitless opportunities but with the imposing of data capping in the Philippines, we are dooming our economy and our competitive edge in the world arena as a result of our slow internet and data capping. Data capping may have legitimate effects on economic progress as well as human development. It freeze innovation and it could be a threat to competition. The lack of interconnection among network providers is another issue. We only have few network providers running in the country such as Globe, PLDT, Smart and Sun Cellular and new players are having a difficult time penetrating the

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