Transformational Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership: Charismatic versus Transformational Style Leadership refers to a person’s ability to inspire people in organizational to work towards achieving set goals and objectives (Ward,2017). A good leader must, therefore, be able to communicate these goals to his/her team in an effective way. A leader is an inspiration to his/her team. This means that through the process of communication he/she is able to spark new energy among employees or team. But, how does a person become a leader? Leadership is attained through various ways. Through election to the post, by a unanimous decision by members of a group, promotion to a post, vetting, or through self-initiative whereby an individual decides to become a leader of his/her own company. While…show more content…
They are calm leaders (Spahr,2015). They employ unorthodox techniques to inspire their teams or employees to achieve their goals. Transformational leaders pass messages through other means like training their employees and setting and setting an example that the employees can learn from. The leaders are able to develop closer relations with their employees thus building trust with them (Spahr,2015). This rapport is necessary as it inspires a sense of self-drive in the employees. Transformational leaders are able to employ the human psychology skills to read the mood and attitude of the employee at a particular time. They possess confidence, courage, and willingness to accomplish a task (Spahr, 2015). Transformative leaders possess the traits, interpersonal skills, good judgment abilities, communication abilities, ego conscious and knowledge (Bill Hogg & Associates, n.d.). The interpersonal skills are a relating tool for a leader. Transformative leaders must be able to judge sound actions and catastrophic ones. Communication forms the basis of imparting instructions to the employees. Transformative leaders must make sure that their ego does not come in the way they relate to other…show more content…
An inventor and a business icon having received many awards locally and internationally. He was founded various companies that he has successfully sold to Ceridian (Dowden,2017). These are WorkBrain and DayForce. The former was sold to CIBC Company for a net worth of 100million dollars (Dowden, 2017). His profile shows that Ossip was born of entrepreneur parents and his influenced him to pursue business administration. He is a renowned scholar holding a master in business administration. He is most famous for founding a company called Dayforce that developed software for managing human resource (Dowden,2017). He sold the company at 227 million dollars to Ceridian Company, which he currently works for, as the chief executive officer

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