Transformational Leadership Case Study

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The 509th Bomb Wing Safety Office (WSO) is currently inefficient in its operations to the point that real-time accidents are occurring off-base at an alarmingly increasing pace. It is my belief the core reason behind the inefficiency is a lack of clearly defined leaders and in-tuned followers. With no leadership representation and followers with no guidance, the lack of a team concept allows for an environment of zero accountability and failing standards. The office can be guided into a productive team and experience a 100% turnaround in morale with the application of the transformational leadership theory because it will “raise the level of motivation and morality by establishing a leader-follower relationship” (Arenas and Connelly 9). A staggered application of Idealized Influence (II), Intellectual Stimulation (IS), and Individual Consideration (IC) will construct a cohesive WSO team by alleviating the main relationship problems, facilitating problem-solving amongst its members, and showing consideration of its people’s personal growth.…show more content…
Personnel that are in this type of situation result to building up walls between one another due to lack of trust. By being selected to restore a Wing level agency’s operations, it is safe to assume my appointment comes extreme credibility and equates to trust (another large trait for II as described by Dr. Arenas.) The main focus area is the hostility between Lieutenant (Lt) Curry and Master Sergeant (MSgt) Sturgess. The rift between the two leads has accelerated the failing of the office when they should be each other’s right

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