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James Puckett directed the short film Gone.James Puckett directed the short film Gone. In the beginning, a car pulls up to an unknown place, and Eric gets out of his car to meet his friend, Jimmy. However, Jimmy does not jump to his feet to hug his long lost friend; instead, the first thing Jimmy says when Eric walks up is how he has not come to visit him in a long time. Jimmy complains to Eric how he was never there for him like he was there for Eric. When the camera zooms out, Jimmy and Eric are shown at a cemetery; therefore, the two friends having a conversation immediately changes to a friend speaking to a ghost, thus Eric is actually visiting his friend’s grave. For the most part, James Puckett conveys emotion from the audience through the elements of the short film Gone.…show more content…
At the beginning, Eric and Jimmy look like two teenage friends having a normal conversation. Once the camera zooms out, the viewer is able to see the bigger picture, and the setting is revealed to be at Jimmy’s grave. Unfortunately, Eric and Jimmy are not two teenagers having a normal argument over how they are never there for each other when they both needed each other. Eric is arguing with his friend that is now a ghost, because his friend commits suicide. Once the camera zooms out, Jimmy is sitting on his tombstone with a dark bruise on his neck as if he hung himself. When the cemetery is revealed towards the end of the film, the viewer is touched more than if the setting would be given away at the beginning of the

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