What Does Fire Symbolize In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit The book Fahrenheit 451 use fire as one of symbols, that holds a deeper meaning. In Fahrenheit 451 fire changes from being seen as destructive tool, then it begins to symbolise good feeling or good things, and the meaning of rebirth. I think the overall mean is just change. Fire in the beginning was seen as good thing, or good feeling. The diction of words around the word fire could be seen as good. In the opening chapter Montag says “It was a pleasure to born” pg 3;eventhough the fire is destroying the books, it's creating this warm feeling for Montag to say pleasure. Through Montag the author uses word that is good and not destructive, such as pleasure. Why would the author…show more content…
I believe it is to represent the good that fire brings. fire being seen as a good thing is show toward the end of the book as well, when it is represents the rebirth of the city,”Granger looked into the fire. Phoenix”pg 163. Through all the death that this fire bomb just cause, Granger use a Phoenix to describe what he sees. A Phoenix is the bird that is consumed or destroyed by flames but then rises from the ashes, to become stronger. The phoenix in this context stands for renewal. The author doesn't stop there he gives more diction that makes fire sound good, “ And it looks like we’re doing the same thing...but we’ve got one damn thing that the Phoenix never had…we know all the damn silly things we've done ” pg 163. This show how they were going to learn from what the fire created. They are taking all the things they have done bad with the fire to create something even better than the Phoenix come out of the ashes. So even though fire did kill people it is still used as motivation. Later in the book Montag used words like “warming” ,and said he was “drawn by the light”pg 145. The feeling of warmth shows that the fire is good feelings. Warming is good

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