Traffic Disparities In The United States

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When you turn eighteen years old, you are considered an adult in the United States. Legally, you can be on your own and pay bills and do all of the things that adults can do. Which especially means the law as far as traffic violations or doing things that can get you into trouble. Some police officers have leniency when you are seventeen years old, but it seems as if once you turn eighteen everything changes and becomes so serious. The first time I got pulled over I was seventeen at the time and on the way to basketball practice and running late. I came to a stop sign, but did not completely stop at the sign. I did not see the police officer sitting next to me in the parking lot who saw the whole thing. The police officer pulled me over and told me he wasn't going to write…show more content…
Nothing major, I just had to get a new bulb. Put the police officer pulled me over and she told me she wasn't going to write it up either. I got lucky twice getting pulled over and not getting into any trouble. Before summer started, I had the bright idea to buy a boat. It's a great boat, but I was unprepared for the water. I got out of the water and DNR (Department of Natural Resources) pulled me over for a safety inspection. My fire extinguisher was outdated and I did not have a throw-able life ring. I was seventeen at the time, and by me just getting the boat they gave me a break and let me go with a warning, During summer, I took my boat out to the lake, after my birthday, this time I was eighteen. There were five people on the boat including me, DNR pulls us over for another safety inspection. They saw that I did not have one life jacket and a whistle and they wrote me a ticket for $110. I was shocked, thinking that this is my first ticket. At first I was mad at the officers, but it was because of my incompetence that I got the ticket. By me being eighteen, a legal adult, caused them to definitely write me a

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