African American Police Case Study

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Critical Thinking Questions 1. Discuss the general distrust of police by the African American community. Hanser and Gomila (2015) stated, “Throughout the African American community, there tends to be a widespread belief that, in many cases, police do treat them differently, in terms of both the frequency with which they are questioned and the type of police service that is received” (p. 137). Critics who are opposed to law enforcement services can argue that a police organization is nothing but a bunch of racist, power hunger, and trigger happy individuals. On the other hand, supporters of law enforcement will work cooperatively with the department in order to prevent crime, enforce the law, preserve the peace, and provide a safe environment (Houston Police…show more content…
Hatred, distrust, and racial biases will continue to radiate between the Black community and police, if both entities do not any efforts to show mutual respect, understanding, and expectations from one another. Black individuals, who are racially prejudice against law enforcement, utilize the slogan “Black lives matter,” as a reminder to the world that they are the targets of police brutality. In reality, all lives matter because all lives are equally important, and blacks are not the primary targets of police brutality. Being a minority or individual of color in America is difficult because stereotypes and subconscious racial biases against them will always be present. Police officers must keep in mind that their job requires them to be actively engaged with citizens. In order to get diverse communities to actively assist the police in solving various crimes, police officers must be compassionate and skilled in communication. Police officers must also be familiar with various cultures and customs in order to build trust relationships and open

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