The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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“Since the beginning of the making of law enforcement, race has been used in their policing activities which reached quite a lot of attention across the country. Racial Profiling has been in the number one practice used in the police department. No one should be judged because of their appearance. In today’s world skin color is now is the number one reason you are a suspect in America. It makes you more likely to be stopped, more likely to be searched, and more likely to be arrested and imprisoned. When police officers stop or charge a person based on their race; that’s racial profiling. Envision driving home from school after coming from football practice. Your driving at the same speed as the speed limit, following all traffic laws, and…show more content…
Once law enforcement insult minorities through racial profiling, this one makes the nation split even further. You would consider that afterward the civil rights movement society would come to be equally as one; but, racial profiling only makes it worse. Profiling undermines public safety and strains police-community trust. When law enforcement officers target residents based on race, religion or national origin rather than behavior, crime-fighting is less effective and community distrust of police grows. To root out this ineffective tactic that undermines public confidence, we need stronger policies against racial profiling at all levels — from local to federal — as well as more effective training and oversight of police officers, and systems of…show more content…
A co-founder and president of UCLA's Center for Policing Equity Phillip Atiba Goff said "If you imagine that there is racism in law enforcement—and I don’t have to imagine, I’ve seen it, it definitely exists—there must also be racism in housing, employment, and education," ( In 2013, the Ferguson Police Department made 5,384 stops and 611 searches. 86 percent of the stops and 92 percent of the searches were of black people. Only 67 percent of the town's population is black. The racial disparity captured by these numbers is unacceptable, but it is not as easy to make sense of the injustice as it might seem. Are they solely a reflection of racist law enforcement

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