The Lottery By Shirley Jackson: A Literary Analysis

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“The Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson begins in a village of about 300 people on June 27th. As the children were piling up stones, the townspeople began to gather in the town's square to participate in the lottery. Mr. Summers carried the black box along with Mr. Graves who was the postmaster. Mr. Summers set the old black box on a three legged stool. This black box isn't the original box but is old and falling apart. Mr. Summers then mixed up the slip of papers the night before the lottery and secured the box in a safe at Mr. Summer's coal company. As all the villagers are in the town square, Tessie Hutchinson forgot that the lottery was going on that day and rushed over and met her family within the crowd. Mr. Summers then began to read off the names of each household and greeted each one as they came over to pick out a slip of paper out of the black box. After all the names are called, everyone opens the slips of paper and Bill Hutchinson had gotten the black dot. Bill's wife, Tessie, argues that it wasn't fair because Bill didn't have enough…show more content…
The first danger is a negative impact on emotions and a carelessness for human life. They see nothing wrong with it and embrace bloody violence. However, along with this tradition comes a loss of meaningful relationships. People may get to know one another but will just as easily forget them and help murder them at the lottery if they are picked. They feel nothing for people they kill. For example, Tessie is a mother and a wife and is counted on in by the Hutchinson family. However, the town has no problem killing her and her family has no problem accepting that their mother and wife is going to die a gruesome death. For example, Tessie Hutchinson says “There's Don and Eva” which are her children, “Make them take their chance” (Jackson 5)! She offers her own children to take her place as the one to be stoned

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