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There are some books that make the reader question life as we know it. One of these books is 1984 by George Orwell. He had many motives to write this book in a dystopian genre, and found influence in his everyday life associated with politics and the fear of a totalitarian takeover. 1984 became a very successful novel, and to this day, still captivates the minds of its readers. Orwell’s reasons for creating 1984 was to warn people of the dangers of complete authority, and he hoped to prevent the catastrophic consequences of such a society. Burdened in a time of mistrust, Orwell knew of the curious tension between various groups. Considering himself among the socialists was due to his “natural hatred of authority” spawned from his time in the Indian Imperial Police (Orwell). He feared communists and totalitarians might come into an excessive amount of power and wield it in hazardous ways. He was extemely active in his beliefs, and as a result, frequently pondered future actions that could be made by the current leaders. In the essay, Why I Write, he…show more content…
1984 is a perfect example of this. Not only is there a totalitarian government controlling every aspect of the society, but there is also a clear struggle in the lives of countless citizens. As explained by Betsy Elfkyn, “1984 reminds readers of the freedoms that have been given up for ‘the greater good’ in their own societies as well as others. These connections to the real world draw readers into a deeper level of understanding and emotion” (Elfkyn). This further proves the genre, because the absence of freedom is the most common theme in dystopian novels. By the reader feeling empathy and remorse for the situations in which the characters experience, this proves likewise that the setting for this story is clearly

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