Family Reunification In Foster Care Essay

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Family reunification in the foster care system lies under the jurisdiction of the Department of Human Services/Child Welfare. It is the process that refers to the process of returning children, who are in temporary out of home placement, to their families. Reunification is the most common goal and the most common outcome in the foster care system. More than half the children in foster care returned home to a parent or a principal caregiver, according to the Department of Human Services. Child Welfare requires several interventions when reunifying the families. Research suggests that caseworkers who have a social work education and appropriate training are better able to facilitate reunification. Funding that allows agencies to provide better community based services to the families also leads to greater rates of reunification.…show more content…
The strengths and needs of the child and the families are critical in planning the reunification plan. Early assessment can also lead to the decision that it is not in the best interest to reunify the child with their family. Reviews are completed in two rounds in each case. Many times after both rounds of reviews have been completed the child is either not reunified with the parent or because of reoccurring circumstances the child is returned to foster care. Reunification would not take place if the child has been subjected but not necessarily limited to abandonment , torture, chronic abuse and sexual abuse. If a parent has killed or assaulted this child or another child, or rights have been involuntarily terminated for a sibling. Reentry into the foster care system is most often cited as parent’s substance abuse, parental ental health, parent’s lack of cooperation with the service plan, child’s behavioral

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