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The Death of a Hero The passage of time has been known to play with tales of the past, often giving them a gleam much more colorful than seen in reality; the distortion brought by time has been adding color to a dull canvas, giving these stories a sense of wonder and fantasy. Arthur, the glorious King , has spread throughout the world because of these beautiful tales. "The Death of Arthur" by Sir Thomas Malory and "The Passing of Arthur" by Lord Tennyson Alfred are two of my favorite depictions of the death of King Arthur, while both accounts share a great many similarities, the differences appear in spades. In "The Death of Arthur" Sir Thomas Mallory begins with a well illustrated telling of the events leading up to King Arthur's tragic passing; Mallory then artfully details Sir Modred's attempt to usurp the throne from King Arthur, the multitude of battles, and the epic, final battle between King Arthur and…show more content…
Then he rushed back to report what he saw to King Arthur. Arthur exclaimed to Bedivere that he urgently needed to go to the lake to seek help from the women of the lake. The women appear as queens (Tennyson), but may have just been beautiful women with one queen (Mallory). How Arthur gets to the lake is debated by these two tales. Sir Thomas depicts Bedivere carrying Arthur to the lake (Malory), but Lord Tennyson tells of Arthur struggling to reach the lake on foot (Tennyson). Once they reach the lake, the lake women burst in into tears at the sight of the King's injury. Sir Bedivere gently places the him in the barge at his muffled request. Then the women of the lake sail off to Avalon with the King as Bedivere weeps at the loss of his noble King.(Malory). At that time Lord Tennyson's tale comes to an end, but Sir Thomas's telling continues on to a time after, where we find Sir Bedivere meet a fellow griever in King Arthur's tomb
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