1984 George Orwell Analysis

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1984 is a novel that took place in a time period filled with war, poverty, and totalitarianism. The novel uncovered in the cold days of April, 1984 at Airstrip One, Oceania, which was ruled by Big Brother, the totalitarian government. The author, George Orwell, narrated the story, but Mr.Winston Smith, the protagonist, showed his point of view towards the setting, characters, and his personal life. Most of the characters and places portrayed in the novel emphasized a life filled with pessimism, sadness, and internal isolation and pain due to the norms that the government instilled in them. The novel was published on July 1950 by Signet Classic, an imprint of New American Liberty. During this time period, Russia was under Stalin’s communist control and Germany under Hitler’s. Those two nations gave the total power to their government, some by choice and some by force. Orwell, during this time, was in Europe, a free and democratic nation. 1984 reiterates what Europe would of have been if they were under control of a government like Stalin or Hitler. To achieve the horrifying life in a totalitarian society, Orwell uses explicit imagery. With the usage if imagery, Orwell accentuates the…show more content…
Again, Orwell’s 1984 was used to depict what could have happened if Europe, a free and democratic country, was under the control of a totalitarian government. Moreover, if our current society would of have fallen in the hands of a totalitarian government, then 1984 serves as an example of what the outcome might have been. This book wants the people to understand that is it bad for the government to have total control of the people in a nation’s
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