To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee: Character Analysis

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Standing up for what is right is a hard thing to do when the community around you believes differently. This is shown in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, a couple characters have this hard decision to make and it will drastically change them. They live in an age when it is wrong to be different or to go against the way of the rest of your town. A couple of characters have shown that they don't care what the world thinks they want to have their own opinion no matter what people think. This theme of Standing up for what you believe in is best represented by Atticus, Jem, and Mr. Raymond. Atticus has made the decision to try and defend a negro even though the town doesn't want him to. Almost the entire town thinks that the Negro named Tom is guilty no matter the evidence. Atticus thinks that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Tom was no exception. The town goes to the jail to kill Tom, Atticus knows this and he waits there trying to tell them that he will receive his punishment if he is guilty. He is almost killed but his children come and make the mob feel shameful for what they were about to do with her innocence.…show more content…
Jem is questioning why everyone thinks that his dad Atticus, shouldn't defend him. He has the same belief as his dad that you shouldn't just do what the community does if you think differently. He is heartbroken when Tom is guilty because he can tell that he didn't do it, and he knows that it was rigged so that Tom would be guilty. Jem asked his dad many questions on why this has happened and why couldn't it be different the answer that he gets is that sometimes what is right isn't always popular and he understands this idea
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