Character Analysis Of Conflicts In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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Recently, my teacher has asked for me to read Harper Lee award winning novel To Kill A Mocking Bird. The novels protagonist, scout, is growing up in a small southern town called Maycomb, Alabama during the 1930's. The conflict scout faces faces as she grows up helps develop the theme that the loss of innocence is an unavoidable consequences of growing up. The first conflict is man vs. society. Man vs. society is about scout having to deal with racism in her town. Scouts father is defending a black man who was accused of rapping a white girl, so when scouts father took this case it affected her whole family. During this hard time scouts learning how her own town truly is, and this relates back to the theme, which is racism, and conflict that the whole world actually has. The second conflict is man vs. man. This is between Scout, and Cecil Jacobs, Cecil Jacobs is making fun of Scout, and calling Scout's father names. Cecil Jacobs is hurting Scouts feelings, and really bringing Scout down as well as everyone else. As Scout is trying to cope with all this insane stuff, her friends, or what she thought was her friends, where taking other peoples side. It is really hard on Scout when none of…show more content…
man is the third conflict in this story. In this conflict Scout is trying to become stronger, to learn how to deal with people's comments, to overcome, and be the bigger person. Frances, Scouts cousin, is turning against Scout now, because she doesn't agree with how Scouts father has taken on this case for a black man. Frances is acting like everyone else, calling her father names, but not only turning against Scout but turning against Scouts whole family. Frances is calling Scout names, and making Scout look like a fool. It hurts Scouts feelings that her own family would turn against her family, and herself. This, yet again, goes back to the theme of how people, no matter how close, will turn against you if they don't know the whole truth, and they want to

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