To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee: Character Analysis

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Using symbolism in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee emphasizes justice, morality, and ethics through the characters Tom Robinson, Boo Radley, And The white snowman. Tom Robinson, a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, portrays injustice through Scouts eyes. Scouts father, Atticus Finch, becomes Tom Robinson’s lawyer. Tom Robinson, along with some of his friends, are caught up in a rape trial that they did not commit. Throughout the trial, Scout comes to realize the hypocrisy and racism that thrives in the community where she lives. Tom and the other boys that were accused of rape were convicted and sentenced to the death penalty. Although Scout knew of their innocence, and not to mention there was no evidence supporting the accusations, they were still sentenced. His conviction is a symbol of injustice because he was good. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and they killed him anyway. It was a sin. Just as it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.…show more content…
To Kill a Mockingbird. Philadelphia: Warner Books, 1960. Print. Page 10) got into some trouble with the police. In response, his parents locked him inside his house for many years. In his captivity, he changed. The people, including the children, viewed him as something scary; something to fear, because of the stories they had heard. Despite what the community thought of him, he came out of his home and saved the children. Although the children had not done a thing for him, he saved them from Mr. Ewell. Because of his heroics, he is a symbol of morality. Morality being the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. He had been through so much in his life, but despite all the bad, he did the right
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