Life And Accomplishments Of John Dalton

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On September 6, 1766, a great scientist, chemist, and school teacher was born in Eaglesfield, England, to a Quaker family. He goes by the name of John Dalton. John Dalton had a tough life. Both him and his brother were colorblind and his family was very poor. It was evident to him that as a young child, he was going to have to support him and his family. At just the age of 12, Dalton started teaching at a Quaker school in his village in Cumberland. At the age of 14, he was an assistant at a Quaker boarding school in Kendal. Within four years, the successful young man was made principal of the school. During his earlier career as a scientist, Dalton researched color blindness, a subject in which he was familiar to because of the experience of himself and his brother. Dalton proved his theory to be true that it was hereditary when a genetic test of his own eye tissue showed that he was missing the photoreceptor for perceiving the color green. As a result of his…show more content…
In A New System of Chemical Philosophy, Dalton also wrote about his experiments proving that atoms consistently combine in simple ratios. Over his lifetime, he has many achievements. In 1794, he was elected as a member of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. Also, in 1800, he was appointed as the secretary of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society and became the President of the society in 1817. One award that John Dalton received was called the Royal Medal. It was given out to two people each year for their work in scientific fields. Dalton was awarded the medal for his discovery in the atomic theory. The John Dalton award was made in honor of him. It is an award that is given out to people who display excellence in Hydrology. Some other recognitions that he got was when people made scholarships after him. When a student would excel in his type of science they were offered with the John Dalton

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