Persuasive Speech About Wild Animals

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As children, we love pretty much every animal we encounter. We want to play wrestling with wolves, we want to cuddle up with bears, and we want to pet tigers. As we mature, however, we begin to understand that such creatures are not quite as friendly as the illustrators of our storybooks made them out to be. Fearing for our safety, we lose our desire to play wrestling with wolves and pet tigers (although some of us retain our love for cuddling up with bears). Despite our heightened and entirely justified fear of wild animals, deadly attacks from them are by no means a rarity. They occur every day and have been reported in all areas of the world, so we are all at risk, whether we are exploring Africa or doing a spot of camping in the United…show more content…
Most predators go for a particular area of the human body when attacking, but just what area is that and how can you protect it? You should always try to protect your ribs during a wild animal attack, but why is that and how can you do it? What’s up guys and thank you for joining us for another Bogglin’ Stuff video. We’re going to be answering all those questions and more in this look at five tricks to survive deadly attacks from wild animals. P.S. Don’t forget to like this video and hit that subscribe button, as well as the notification bell, so that you never miss out on awesome Bogglin’ Stuff videos and fun quizzes. Play Dead VISUALS/SOURCES Startings things off is the oldest trick in the book. This has been employed by hikers, woodsmen, and generally unfortunate people for centuries and it is just as effective today as it was when it was first used to survive an animal attack. We’re talking, of course, about playing…show more content…
Most wild animals kill their prey by latching onto them and digging their teeth or claws deep into their neck, literally going straight for the jugular. If your attacker manages to sink its teeth into your neck, you’re almost definitely a goner, so it’s imperative that you protect your neck throughout the encounter. You can do this by crossing your arms behind your head and digging your chin deep into your chest. If you can maintain this position throughout the attack, you’ll likely suffer a couple of cuts on your arms and torso, but you’ll make it out with your

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