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In the late 1790’s the French citizens desperately needed a ruler, someone who would make things in France stable. The French citizens found stability in Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was born in 1769 to a poor family. Napoleon was a general who was in charge of the invasion of Italy. He ruled his vast empire from 1804 to 1814. Wherever Napoleon conquered he implied the Napoleonic Code, which consisted of everyone speaking French and learning the French way of life. By mid 1812 most of Europe was controlled by Napoleon or was an allied with him. With Russia going down hill it aided in the decline of Napoleons vast empire. In 1814 Napoleon left France and went into exile on an island off Elba by the Vienna Congress. The Vienna Congress consisted…show more content…
He wanted complete domination. No one could beat Napoleon on land, but Great Britain has the best naval. Great Britain was one of the countries that he never invaded. Great Britain’s navy would have destroyed Napoleons armies. He wanted them to accept that fact that he was taking over all of Europe. Napoleon reminds me of Hitler from World War II. Hitler wanted to take over the world as well, and while he was doing it he wanted to spread this Nazi thoughts and ideas. This is what Napoleon was doing as well by spreading the Napoleonic Code. I think the only big difference between Napoleon and Hitler is that Hitler actually killed Jews and kept them captive because they were a different religion then what Hitler had. They both wanted world domination. Neither Napoleon nor Hitler got their world domination because they were both stopped and defeated. Napoleon got exiled twice, where he died eventually while being exiled, and Hitler actually committed…show more content…
It also talked about Napoleon and is wives. Napoleon and his first wife, Josephine was not a match made in heaven. They were on and off again, she cheated on him while he was away at a battle. Napoleon rebelled by having 22 mistresses. In the end Napoleon divorced Josephine because she never gave him a son like he wanted. He then went on to marry his second wife Marie Louise Von Habsburg of Austria. After they got married she had a son, the king of Rome. In a way Napoleon reminds me of Tiger woods, in the sense that they both cheated with many women. Neither of them was faithful to their wife’s. Tiger’s wife didn’t cheat on him though like Josephine. But they both ended in divorce. When Napoleon got exiled to the island of Saint Helena, Marie Louise did not go with him. Instead she went back to Austria where she got married two more times after his death. His son never did take the thrown anywhere when he becomes old enough. I really don’t for see Tigers son taking over his father’s fame as a golfer when he gets

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