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Cat Cats are a kind of carnivore. The word "cat" usually refers to a domesticated cat, but can also refer to "big cats" like lions, tigers and tigers. Cats have been mingling on human life around since 6,000 years BC, from the cat's skeleton on the island of cyprus. The ancient Egyptians of 3,500 BC have used cats to keep rats or other rodents away from barns that store crops. Home cats are one of the greatest predators in the world. This cat can eat several thousand species. Because the size is not too big, the cat is not too dangerous for humans. One that can arise is the possibility of rabies infection due to cat bites and also cat scratch nails are very sore and painful. Cats can also be fatal to an ecosystem that is not a natural residence. Cats ambush and paralyze prey in a way like lions and tigers. It bites the prey's neck with a sharp canine to injure the spinal cord or cause its prey to run out of breath by damaging the throat. Cats are regarded as a perfect carnivore with special teeth and digestive tract. Premolars and first molars form a pair of fangs on each side of the mouth that works effectively like scissors to tear the meat. Cats can not be adapted to a vegetarian diet because they can not synthesize all the…show more content…
Female cats sometimes also engage in natural fights to protect their children. Judging from the behavior of cats that exist today, wild cats that are the ancestors of domestic cats are estimated to evolve in the desert climate. Cats are happy with the warm atmosphere and often sleep in the warm sun. Dirt is usually dry, and prefer to bury it in sandy places. Cats can also be sculpted, it can not move for long enough especially when lurking prey. Cats are not resistant to fog, rain and snow, although there are some who survive like the Norwegian Forest Cat. And the cat also does not like to soak in the water except the type of Turkish

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