Yann Martel's Life Of Pi Vs. The Story Of Keesh

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The stories “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel and “The Story of Keesh” by Jack London are very similar. The main character of the story “Life of Pi” is Pi, it is about how Pi is on a boat with no other human being but is with a few animals. The animals are a Hyena, Zebra, and a Tiger. Over time the Hyena and Zebra die and Pi is left with a 6 foot, 450 pound Bengal Tiger whose name was Richard Parker. At first Pi was frightened of Richard because he was so much bigger than him. But Pi realized if they were going to be stranded on that both for along time, they have to find a way to get along and work together. In the “Story of Keesh” Keesh lives in a village where the best hunters get food and feed the village. Keesh’s father was the best hunter in…show more content…
All of the hunters would normally go right after the prey, but the way Keesh hunts is he lures the prey to him and puts the animal in such a trap that the prey is in danger while, Keesh is not even threatened because he is very tactical with his strategy. According to “The Story of Keesh” is “ yet was the bear not inclined to fight, for he turned away and made off slowly over the ice”. This shows that he’s very strategic to put the bear in such a position that he doesn't want to attack and Keesh could kill him easily. Another a piece of evidence is “ right up to the bear Keesh walked. And the bear took after him, and Keesh ran away. But as he ran he dropped a little round ball on the ice. And the bear stopped and smelled of it, then swallowed it up. And Keesh continued to run away and drop little round balls, and the bear continued to swallow them up. This shows that instead of rushing the bear and increasing the chance of dieing, he takes it slow and smart or tactically. This show how Keesh has mental strength toward surviving…show more content…
Pi on a boat with no other humans but is with a few dangerous animals which are a hyena, zebra, and a tiger. Overtime on the boat the zebra and the hyena die, but the most dangerous is still alive the huge tiger. So Pi realizes he will be stranded on the boat with Richard Parker for a long time. So he thinks how he could tame him mentally so he doesn't physically die. So Pi mentally thinks of strategic ways to keep himself alive. For example “ my estimations of captains and ships chandlers wavered. My hopes for survival flickered. My thirst remained. And what if the supplies were at the bow, beneath the tarpaulin? I turned and crawled back. I felt like a dried out lizard. I pushed down on the tarpaulin...I unrolled it a little. Immediately i was rewarded… whether in a bottle, a tin can or a carton, water is unmistakably packaged”. This proves that even in tough situations near death Pi can think of ways to survive. “Life of Pi” also states that “at the top of the block were the words tear here to open… two nearly square biscuits”. This shows he found food in a tough situation and in a locker that was very near Richard Parker who could of killed

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