Story Of Keesh Character Analysis

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To start off in “The Story of Keesh” and in The life of Pi both characters have to survive extreme environments by hunting and looking for food. The environment they are inis dreadful .They are lacking on many things and if they get hurt,they will not be able to go to the hospital or doctor. Surviving in extreme environment takes having hope,having intelligence and having faith and having strength. Both Keesh and Pi needed to have the strength and hope to survive in their environment. One way an extreme environment is shown in the Story of Keesh is cold and dangerous. For example , in the story “The story of Keesh” it says “ and in the winter of darkness, when the north gales make their long sweep across the ice pack, and the air is filled with flying white, and no man may venture forth , is the chosen time for telling of how Keesh from the poorest igloo in the village rose to power and place over them all .”(pg 61) Keesh was in the dark with harsh winds blowing at him knowing that he could trip over something and get really hurt. The environment where Keesh is there are no hospitals or doctors so if he gets hurt he can't be treated by a professional.…show more content…
Pi had hopes and strength even though he was stranded in the middle of the pacific ocean alone with a 400 pound male Bengal tiger. He also has sharks beneath him and a storm raging above him . He has no food or fresh water and he hasn't even slept a minute because he has to be aware that there is a dangerous tiger in the same lifeboat as him. . A quote to support that claim is “ I was alone and orphaned, in the middle of the Pacific hanging on to an oar, and an adult tiger in front of me,sharks beneath me, and a storm raging about me.”(pg 79)Pi had been through extreme

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