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Did you know that the foods that cavemen consumed years ago genetically determined what our bodies consider as nutritious today? This diet is commonly known as paleo diet. You will realize that meals in this case are normally prepared with the ingredients that our ancestors consumed during the Paleolithic period. A paleo diet food list is the optimum diet which is based on the nutritional requirements established during the evolutionary path to the present mankind. Paleo diet is also known as the biologically appropriate diet. The modern dietary regimen is also known as the caveman diet or Stone Age diet. You will realize that paleo food of that era consisted of wild plants and wild animals. Processed foods were absent at that time. Man used to take natural foods at that time. Paleolithic age ended with the development of modern agricultural techniques and concepts. You will realize that the concept of Paleo diet was known in…show more content…
However, this is not true. No matter how much you eat fruits and vegetables, you cannot gain weight. You will realize that fruits and vegetables normally contain very low amounts of calories. An ideal meal should contain a combination of meat, salad, vegetables and fruits. There are wide variety of fruits that you can take in a day. You can decide to take watermelons, oranges, mangoes, apples and even bananas. Some fruits such as watermelons and pineapples normally contain a lot of water in them. This water can help to hydrate your body. It is important that you include nuts and seeds in your diet. These can be your snacks while on a caveman diet. These are great because they are delicious and also provides your body with healthy fats and oils. Some of these include: almonds, sunflower, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds, walnuts and pecans. In addition, you should consider taking root veggies in your diet. Some of the root veggies include: carrots, beets, yams, taters and sweet

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