Importance Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social entrepreneurship as entrepreneurship Despite the fact that the benefits of social entrepreneurship, clear very much, its real value and specificity of insufficiently investigated. With the growing popularity of social entrepreneurship means different things to different people. This is due to the relative newness of the term, as well as a variety of social initiatives, which vary in scope, target groups and countries. For a large part of the audience social entrepreneurship is associated exclusively with non-profit organizations to establish any profitable enterprise. Others understand by social entrepreneurship certainly - non-profit organizations. Others consider it a form of corporate social responsibility, implementing socially significant programs through independent organizational structures.…show more content…
According to them so broad interpretation, harms the phenomenon itself. If public demands for social entrepreneurship will not be satisfied due to the fact that under his "signboard" would be too many non-entrepreneurial in nature and may be inefficient organization, the phenomenon would be discredited. And then the "grain of the social entrepreneurship may be lost." Therefore, the task they see in narrowing the scope category of social entrepreneurship and to identify its distinctive features. (Martin,R., Osberg, S., 2007) The main feature of social entrepreneurship, according to Martin and Osberg, is that it entails any social conversion. The fund in which they work, is engaged in seeking out and support all over the world to establish itself as a social business initiative, to enable them to expand their scope and impact on "changing the world» (Martin, R., Osberg, S.,
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