The Concept Of Corporate Entrepreneurship (NVC)

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Entrepreneurship & NVC 1. Introduction Corporate Entrepreneurship can be seen as the concept of entrepreneurship at the firm level. There are two types of corporate entrepreneurship such as the entrepreneurship firm and conservative firm. Proactive, Innovative and Risk taking are three elements of entrepreneurial firm. Otherwise, conservative firm contains Risk averse, Taking more “wait and see” posture, and Less innovative. Becoming an Entrepreneurship must contains three primary reasons are: Desire to be their own boss, Desire to pursue their own ideas and Financial reward. Being successful entrepreneurs, the founders and the next generation entrepreneurs must learn these four elements such as Product/Customer focus, Passion for the business,…show more content…
There are three main types of HR management are contingency approach, Universalist approach, and resource-based approach. Contingency approach has a positive approach, as giving employees something as encourage them are rewards, appraisal, and development. Besides that, the negative approach can be seen as does not notice anything to do to decrease required employee behavior. Universalist approach does not rely on competitive strategy, mostly depend on four HR policies are flexibility, equality, integration, and commitment. The resource-based approach is focusing on reach competitive advantage by using human capital, must focus on attitude, knowledge, and their competencies to make them stick together. The most reasons in difficult to control other family members are not clear about reward, compensation, do not give them a bigger role or just simply provide them the trust to complete their…show more content…
Training. The company gives a specific training program when integrating family members into the company. Coca-Cola Company has given some specific information about training program as focus on needs of between the organization and consumer. The training is not usually focus on quality of employees with various educational; the training is only focus on technical and skills of employees. Beside that, the training program needs to analyze. For example: if you want to go to A to B, you have to know what is A and what is B. Coca-Cola have to make sure that the training is arranged to make sure that company can control all the behavior of the employees. The basic role to train the new employees would be senior. 2.4. Paternalistic. Control is centralized and influenced by traditional instead of good management

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