Third Grade Store

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So in third grade, there was a store associated with the grade called the “Third Grade Store.” Everyone could not wait to be in the third grade because of how cool it was. Students received play money and could buy items from the store. We received money for getting 100’s on our multiplication tests, being a good classmate, or just having a good attitude. However, if we got in trouble money would be taken away. As third graders, you never wanted to lose your third grade store money! In this case, the money is the reinforcer which is any stimulus that increases the probability that a response will occur (pg. 118). So receiving store money, we knew it meant we did something good and should be repeated. In the text it talks about a response cost, when athletes lose reinforcers for inappropriate behavior. This system is similar to token reinforcement, which is used in the classroom (pg. 121). Therefore, student would lose the reinforcers which was the money for misbehaving. For example, if we…show more content…
This was the system I followed. This system is sensitive to incentive and reward and would create a sense of impulsivity. Like a normal store, prices vary in the items and that is how our third grade store was as well. So some of my classmates would spend all their money right away and not save it to get a bigger item. When someone has a high BAS, in lecture it said it is usually associated to hope, elation, and happiness. I was happy to be able to buy something on my own and have it in my possession. Also sense I did not want to get in trouble, I had a high behavioral inhibition system as well. According to lecture, this means I would be sensitive to threat and punishment. Also, I would want to avoid negative and unpleasant events. So doing my homework, following the teacher’s rules, and having a good attitude were ways to stay away from an unpleasant
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