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America the home of the free and the home to the largest prison population in the world. During, President Clinton's term he established the “Three strikes Law” in 1994, makes it possible to decrease the number of crimes in the United States. The Three strikes law which was passed by Bill Clinton which, was used to help with the decreased level of crime in the United States. This law was designed to give a 25 to life sentence for any person who has had three previous felonies regardless if it was a nonviolent crime. Due to the harshness of this law could be the main root for the overcrowding of the prisons of the United States. Over the past decade the three strike law is seen nationwide as a cruel and unusual…show more content…
Overcrowding in the united States is illegal and is dealt with by the Housing Act of 1985 which regulates and explains what is considered as overcrowding in the U.S. As it is overcrowding causes many problems to occur within the prison. The overcrowding endangers the inmates and the correction officers because as the population starts to rise there is an increase of violence and the correction officers are out number and find it harder to control the inmates from harming others and themselves. There are some sanitary problems such as cramping inmates closely together. In some cases there is two or three bunks in one room and open space areas(television rooms) are converted to serve as sleeping counters. Diseases are known to travel faster when people are living in such close conditions because of the constant contact with people who may be infected can be exposed to many other people. Diseases like tuberculosis is spread through the air such like a cough or sneeze. Overcrowding cases physiological effects on the correction officers. The stress on the officers out tend to make them act inappropriately and try intimate the inmates. It is to try to make a statement that they have the power and not

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