How Does The Simpsons Affect Children

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The Simpsons The dry humor -suitable for children-but oriented to an adult audience caused a sensation since its first issues. The Simpsons universe is large. It consists of hundreds of characters, each with a defined profile. Their goal: to parody the entire society. And we can find for almost any situation a character that breathes life into the series, nearly the portrait of the modern American Family. The connection between societies, and the effect on the general public as well as the message being sent out to families will be investigated. Despite any good intentions that the show may offer, many viewers don’t understand the message being sent by the producers or that the producers just wanted to create a new cartoon portraying the modern American Family, and tend to criticize the show. Some critics believe that television affects all age groups, but in a more harmful way in childhood, because at this stage is when all the knowledge and events that we observe around us are learned and are easier to acquire, the reason is because our brain is flexible and is more likely that it will learn new things. Therefore, everything we see our brain will store it regardless if it can be harmful or helpful in our life's. Cartoons like The Simpsons, do influence in the behavior, the development and construction of our own identity, specifically talking about children. However, cartoons are not the only factors responsible for the above mentioned, because…show more content…
The series is a satirical parody of American society that chronicles the life and the daily life's of a middle class family in this country (which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson) who live in the fictional city of Springfield . For the purpose of proving that The Simpsons are just another modern American family the main characters' of the show will be

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