Jason Breen: The Importance Of Listening In US

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A 23 year old United States Marine, Jason Breen, would soon be deploying to Afghanistan. “He was willing to sacrifice his life for our country, but sadly it wasn’t war, a bomb or bullet that took his life. It was a text on a two inch by four inch distracting screen that made his life end.” On March 15, 2009 Jason Breen was spending time with his family in St. Francisville, Illinois, before being deployed. That same night, while driving, Jason lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road all because he was texting with a friend. He died from a massive skull fracture after being ejected from the car. “He left parents, and many friends. But the worst part about this and the one it affected the most is his 8 year old daughter who was two at the time. Exactly 24 hours before his accident his father warned him to “put that phone down- It’s controlling your life.” People who text and drive run the risk of losing their lives, even when they think they…show more content…
“Studies show that the more tasks you dump on drivers- listening, evaluating, answering questions- the worse they perform. In brain scans, you can see the shift of blood flow from spatial-management to language processing areas. Emotional conversations in particular seem to elevate risk. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that phone conversation tasks typically decreased reaction times, travel speeds, and increased lane deviations and steering wheel movements. They also analyzed the results of over 120 cell phone studies. They found that nearly all of the studies reported that some aspects of driver performance were affected by the mental distraction associated with cell phone use. Text messaging, browsing and dialing on a cell phone all resulted in the longest duration of drivers taking their eyes off of the road. Engaging in visual-subtasks associated with the use of hand-held phones and other portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by 3

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